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Teaching has always been an essential part of my artistic journey and is integrated with my performance career. I started to teach regularly when I was eight years old, and it has become a lifestyle for me.

As the old Chinese saying goes: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. My teaching is very simple: rather than giving the students the fish, I’d like to give them the fishing tools and skills that will benefit their whole lives. I want my students to be the best teachers for themselves.

No matter who they are, I will help them develop skills to liberate their inner artistry. Through training in active listening skills, proper technique, music history, and theory, I will spark my students’ excitement, show them how much fun it is to play the piano, and bring out their passion to the maximum capacity.

I strongly believe that through studying music, students also become better people by having a healthier and more joyful way of living. In a supportive, encouraging, and open environment, the students will work with me to build their concentration in the moment, persistence with daily practice, and courage to be sincere and vulnerable in public to express their inner musicianship.

All of these qualities are not just essential to music, but also to life.


Besides Ms.Yang's private teaching studio, she was a Juilliard Morse Artist Teaching Fellow and has given weekly lessons at the City College Academy of Arts in 2019. 


In 2020, Ms.Yang taught Secondary Piano classes to undergraduate and graduate non-keyboard students at the Juilliard School.

Ms. Yang currently teaches Secondary Piano lessons at the Eastman School of Music.

"Dr. Yang is very passionate about piano teaching. Her understanding of the music is profound and her class is nothing if not fascinating. She constantly motivates her students with innovative musical ideas. She provides an interesting, respectful, and engaging environment for the lessons."


"Very kind, enthusiastic, and encouraging!"


"Ms. Yang clearly emphasizes what I need to work on week to week, and in general. I had a great experience with my lessons!"


-Students at the University of Rochester & Eastman School of Music 






Questions about lesson structure, fees, and scheduling, please inquire below.

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